Gymnastics With Nikki

Gymnastics Classes East Kilbride, Glasgow.


Gymnastics With Nikki was formed in October 2001 by former gymnast and dancer Nikki Miller to provide  General Gymnastics Classes to children of all ages in a safe and friendly environment, regardless of ability.

The gymnastics classes are run in East Kilbride on a Sunday at the West Kirk Church Hall and on a Tuesday & Thursday at Calderglen High School. 

All that we are looking for is an eagerness to learn this fantastic and fun sport of gymnastics.

Gymnasts progress through the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards at their own pace attaining badges and certificates once they have been passed which really motivates and encourages the gymnasts to master the skills required to progress to the next badge level.

  Gymnasts then move on to the harder skills including backflips, somersaults, including twisting somersaults, handsprings,and other tumbling combinations.

 Gymnastics Helps Gymnasts & Growing children/teenagers with:

Listening & Attention Skills

General gymnastics at Gymnastics With Nikki also gives children & teenagers a positive attitude towards keeping fit and it's a great way to have fun !

Nikki Miller is a member Of British Gymnastics & the National Association Of Sports Coaches.

If there is no vacancy in your selected class you can still register your details & you will be added onto the waiting list.

You will be emailed once you register to confirm your class booking & whether you have been given a space or added onto the waiting list.

Calderglen High School G74 2LP

 Under 9Yrs
 9yrs & Over
 Under 9Yrs
 Under 9Yrs
  9Yrs & Overy 9Yrs & Over

West Kirk Church Hall  G74 4JW

 Under 9Yrs
 9Yrs & Over
 Under 9Yrs
 Under 9Yrs
  9Yrs & Over 9Yrs & Over
Gymnast Age
 Suggested Weekly Class Time 
Under 9 Yrs
 1 Hour Class
 9 Yrs & Over
 1.5 Hour Class Or 2 Hour Class
Class Fees
 Weekly Price
 5 Week Block Price
1 Hour Pre-School (West Kirk Church Hall Only)
 1 Hour West Kirk Church Hall Age 5+
 1 Hour Calderglen High School
 1.5 Hours Calderglen High School
 2 Hours West Kirk Church Hall
 2 Hours Calderglen High School
 Annual Membership